• Islands in the Landscape – part 2
  • Fall Word Art
  • European Style Glass Beads:  Fall Colors
  • Simple Dinner Recipes: Here’s the Beef!
  • Surface Pattern Design

Islands in the Landscape – part 2

Islands in the Landscape-part 2 - designsofhome.com

This is part 2 in a series that discusses including Islands in the Landscape.  If you would like to read part 1,  you will see a link at the end of this article. We talked about using islands in the landscape for various reasons.  In part one, we showed how one might look from the street, […]

Fall Word Art

Free printable-Fall Word Art-original design by Susan De Bow - designsofhome.com

Do you like to change the decor in your home, often?  Maybe on a seasonal basis?  It can get expensive, trying to re-do every room in the house, believe me. There is a way, to change a few little things, that can make a difference, and artwork is one of those. Fall Word Art Word […]

European Style Glass Beads: Fall Colors

Fall Colored Bracelet - European Style Glass Beads - designsofhome.com

A while back, I wrote and article introducing you to European Style Glass Beads.  If you did not read it, you can see it, here: European Style Glass Beads. Today, I would like to show you a bracelet I ‘designed’ using the European Style Glass Beads: Fall Colors, I have in my collection as well […]

Simple Dinner Recipes: Here’s the Beef!

Simple Dinner Recipes for Beef - A Life in Balance - designsofhome.com

Many of my favorite simple dinner recipes use beef, especially ground beef. Hi! This is Barb from A Life in Balance sharing 26 beef recipes with Designs of Home readers including tips for buying cuts of beef and getting the most out of your beef purchase. Simple Dinner Recipes: 26 Beef Recipes When the weather […]

Surface Pattern Design

Surface Pattern Design - designsofhome.com

It was a bad day.  A bad week.  We all have those. I was sick and laying in bed, feeling sorry for myself.  I was in a slump and I really wanted to get out of it. It had been a while, since I looked at my BlogLovin feed and I opened my iPad, hoping […]

Landscaping Design Ideas

Landscaping Design Ideas graphic #designsofhome

Landscaping Design Ideas This page contains many of my articles that include Landscaping Design Ideas.  Although, there are a few article on Gardening, too. The dictionary describes landscaping as: ” improve the aesthetic appearance of (a piece of land) by changing its contours, adding ornamental features, or planting trees and shrubs: the site has been tastefully landscaped […]

A Little Sparkle for You

Footed Compote Bowl - designsofhome.com

A Little Sparkle for You (Some of the links, below may be affiliate links) These days, I find that a lot of people are not as formal as they used to be.  We are much more relaxed, in dress, manners and even business. What about your home and the homes of family and friends?  Remember […]

Crockpot Quinoa Chicken Soup

Crockpot Quinoa Chicken Soup - designsofhome.com

Hello Dear Readers ! Many of you are visiting from the 31 Days website and I want to welcome you!  Thanks so much for stopping by ! I hope you find inspiration for your home and life. Today, is a first for me.  I am hosting a guest author ! Since we are having cooler weather, […]

Side Yard Landscape

New Side Yard Landscape - designsofhome.com

Some people only landscape their front yards.  But, let’s not neglect our side yard landscape.  After all, if you have a neighbor, and you look out your window or walk in your side yard, isn’t it nice to see that the neighbor cares about the space between your house and their house?  If you keep […]