• Fall Begins!
  • European Style Glass Beads
  • Islands in the Landscape – part 1
  • Vintage Ornaments with a Twist
  • Have You Seen this Man

Fall Begins!

Mushrooms for Lunch - designsofhome.com

It’s beginning to look a lot like Fall! Some of us are really excited.  Fall is a time of fun and excitement and cool, brisk air. Oh, and don’t forget the goodies ! This little fella is having a nice mushroom for his lunch, and if you are not a mushroom lover, there are plenty […]

European Style Glass Beads

European Style Glass Beads - designsofhome.com

Oh the beauty!  Oh the joy!  Oh the fun, of collecting and wearing European Style Glass Beads.  They are known by other names and there are many brand names, such as Trollbeads and Pandora.  Then, there are several other companies that have their own versions of bracelet beads, too. Personally, I do have a favorite […]

Islands in the Landscape – part 1

Islands in the Landscape - Designsofhome.com

This is a 2 part series on the Why, Where, When and How to add Islands in your landscape.  I don’t think we need to add the Who, because in most cases, it will be you.   Ever Considered Adding Islands in the Landscape? There are many reasons and ways to add Islands to your […]

Vintage Ornaments with a Twist

Vintage Christmas Ornaments - designsofhome.com

Do you have a box of antique or vintage ornaments up in the attic?  Don’t know how to use them on a modern tree? Here, you will find some ideas for using vintage ornaments with a twist of modern. Vintage Ornaments with a Twist Some of us love them.  I am talking about the precious […]

Have You Seen this Man

Have you seen this man - designsofhome.com

Have you seen this man?  You better not shout or pout! You better not cry! I hear he is coming to town! He can often be seen at places like malls and big stores and I hear, he loves parades, too! He works hard all year, making things for others.  Giving of his time to […]

Oranges and Pinks of Fall

Maple with sunset colors - designsofhome.com

Well, today is Black Friday.  Many of us are off to the malls and shopping, as early as we can drag ourselves out of bed. Fall is almost over.  Usually, I consider Black Friday the official end of the fall season, and the beginning of winter, although the technicalities may not agree… that is just […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Driving Turkeys - designsofhome.com

Happy Thanksgiving, from Designs of Home ! I hope, today finds you with friends and family and a full belly.  However, not everyone celebrates the day in the same way, and not everyone is able to make it to the usual feast with friends and family, so, if today, finds you alone, or with a […]

Yellows and Golds of Fall

Yellows and Golds of Fall - designsofhome.com

Everyone loves something different about the Autumn Season.  Some like the reds.  Some like the pinks and oranges.  And, some, love the yellows and golds of fall. Yellows and Golds of Fall Below you will see 2 different Hickory Trees.  One is more golden brown and the other is brighter yellow, still with a little […]

Potted Japanese Maple

Potted Japanese Maple - designsofhome.com

We have a lovely little Japanese Maple that lives in a pot on our covered porch.  Our cousins gave us the potted Japanese Maple, when we were on a visit to their home, and the plan was to plant it.  However, we planned to move, and decided to leave it in the pot and take […]