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Frosted Christmas Tree

Frosted Christmas Tree - designsofhome.com

Oh Christmas Tree…. Frosted Christmas Tree… How lovely are your branches….. Gosh, I bet we could write a song like that… only different.  Who could we get to sing it?  hmmmm This is a little story about a ‘before Christmas battle’.  You know the one, where your family’s tree is so worn out, it is […]

Easy Christmas Decor

Easy Christmas Decorations by Designs of Home - designsofhome.com

Are you a last-minute person, looking for some easy Christmas decor for your home?  Maybe you have a spur of the minute party and you need just a few decorations?  Family or friends tell you they are coming for Christmas, but you have not put up a tree?  Here are a few easy things you […]

How to Decorate Your Front Door for Christmas

How to decorate your front door for Christmas - designsofhome.com

Today, we are going to tell you how to decorate your front door for Christmas!  Fun, right?  Of course!  At Designs of Home, we are all about decorating and fun.   We have a double door, but this same concept could work for a single door.  Your color choices may be different, and some of […]

Jolly Christmas Wallpapers

Jolly Christmas wallpapers for you by designsofhome.com

Ahhh, the cool crisp air of the season.  Makes me think about happy, jolly, wonderful Christmas memories of days gone by. Reds, greens, pinks, blues?  Everyone likes different colors of the season.  With that in mind, I have designed some Jolly Christmas wallpapers for your phone, tablet and computer desk top, because, to me, Santa […]

Yard Full of Turkeys

Church Turkeys - designsofhome.com

Well, it is that time of year.  We have a yard full of turkeys, almost every day.  Sometimes, twice a day. It’s Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and friends!   Have you ever seen a turkey, up close?  In  real life?  They are really BIG ! Yard Full of Turkeys – Turkey […]

God Speaks to Me

'God Speaks to Me' fall printable - designsofhome.com

Sometimes, people say that God speaks to them.  That does not always mean that they hear his voice, although, some may.  It often means He speaks through signs, feelings and maybe He guides our thoughts and steps.  I was thinking of that, the other day, and I thought about how God speaks to me in […]

Master Bathroom Remodel

finished vanity area - designsofhome.com

Once upon a time, a couple needed a house.  It was hard to find just what they needed at a price they could afford.  They finally found one, but it needed a lot of cosmetic work, including a master bathroom remodel. We had limited funds and we did to want to move plumbing lines, drains […]

Colorful Blooms in Fall

Encore Azalea re-blooms in Fall - designsofhome.com

How can you get colorful blooms in fall?  Plant Encore Azalea® in your garden, that’s how!   Colorful Blooms in Fall? Plant Encore Azalea! Click To Tweet I have said it before, but Encore Azaleas are my favorite flowering shrubs.  They re-bloom!  Unlike the spring only blooming azaleas, which usually need lots of shade, Encore […]

9 Great Items for Holiday Entertaining

9 great items for holiday entertaining - designsofhome.com

I know, Thanksgiving has not arrived yet, and I know most of us are busy getting ready for that wonderful holiday. However, I noticed that the Christmas stuff is already in the stores and on Amazon, and the inventory may get low, soon.  Here are 9 great items for holiday entertaining that you may want […]