August Flowers

Welcome to our August Flowers!



Black-Eyed Susan’s on their last flush



What a difference. It is amazing, to me, how they change color! That is one interesting thing about the August Flowers.


Day Lilies and Cone Flowers are starting to slow down.


We talked about a rose by the name of Graham Thomas in a earlier post: Walk Around the Garden, and you can read about him, there.

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For this tour, we have another climbing rose by the name of Purple Splash.

The write-up on the rose says that it is nearly thornless. I have to tell you that mine has some thorns. Not huge, not many, but definitely thorns. But the blooms are plentiful throughout the year and oh so cute and the stripes are really different. My Purple Splash is more red than purple, but it depends on location, soil and a lot of other things. If you like a red rose with white stripes, you might look into Fourth of July. Stunning! Here is a close up of Purple Splash:

Rock Wall

For some reason, I love moss, ferns, tree bark, rocks and when I am out with my camera, I can’t help but to take a few pictures of those kinds of things: moss & ferns

Encore Azaleas !

I think the star of our show, today, is the Encore Azalea. We have several throughout the yard. We usually wait, to buy them, until the season is over and they go on sale. They are on the pricey side. Some people do not like them, because they say that they do not re-bloom as stated. However, we love them and have found the secret. Sun ! Most Azaleas like shade. The Encore Azaleas like shade, too, but they can tolerate some sun and the ones we have in part sun to full sun, re-bloom more often than the ones in shade. August-blooms-flowers-Encore

Some even have 2 different colors on the same bush, and occasionally, one flower will be divided in half with 2 different colors. For instance, one half the bloom is white and pink stripe and the other half is a solid purple. How fun is that !?! Amazing two colored Encore Azalea-August

What’s blooming in your yard this week? Please leave a comment about your August Flowers!

♥ Susan


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      Susan says

      Hi Amy! I like almost all flowers, but that blue of the Hydrangea is a stunner to me and hard to find in any other plant.
      Please, do let me know if you get a reply. Have a wonderful week!


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